OTT Services

Thematic Niche-Brand OTT

With more options available than ever before, VOD viewers of today are well served but rather overwhelmed.

Viewers are frustrated of having to manage multiple subscriptions to access the content they really want to watch. So is their demand for more content aggregation, which is reasonable but not always possible.  At Redbarre Media, we believe consumer aggregation is the answer rather than content aggregation.

Thematic OTT, niche-brand services bring people with like interests together from across the globe. We have worked with clients such as, and with the branding, content acquisition, content curation, marketing and roll outs of custom thematic OTT platforms of particular genres— rather than general mass appeal movies and programs.

Despite the big budgets and original programming of mainstream players, there’s still plenty of opportunities for niche players to cut through the noise. The advantage thematic OTT services have is that mainstream players aren’t able to offer enough of the kind of content to fans that niche-brand services can. Their success comes down to remaining focused on their audience’s specific interest, whatever that might be.