World War II: The Balkan Resistance

A definitive documentary which combines eyewitness testimony with never before seen archive footage to tell the true story of the first armed opposition against the Nazis.

This is the true story of the Chetnik movement during World War II, headed by General Draza Mihailovic and his forces loyal to King Petar II. This documentary series tells the untold secrets of the resistance during the Second World War in the Balkans.
This exclusive series is based on actual documents from all of the participants in the war: The Military Archives in Belgrade, The Bundes Archives in Freiburg and The National Archives in Washington, DC as well as using eye-witness accounts from British and Local Historians, rescued American pilots and the soldiers on the ground, filmed in five countries.

A story which has never been told.

Genre: Documentary
Format: HD
Episodes: 12 Episodes
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: English and Serbian
Production Year: 2016