United by Fire

United by Fire follows the preparation and journey of a team through the challenging terrain of West Papua to reach the mysterious and illusive Carstensz Pyramid, the highest peak in Australasia. The film follows Rene Tol, Gita van Duinen and Dominique Georges who have all overcome horrific burn accidents, (including the infamous nightclub fire in Volendam, Holland), to do something hugely challenging for them. They are accompanied by a team of three firemen from the Netherlands.

We find out each person’s own adventure from Papua to the summit of Carstensz. What experiences led them to this remote place? Discover what really gives them the motivation to live a life so full of passion after so much has been taken away and how their burned bodies are pushed to the limits during this awesome challenge.

Genre: Documentary, Nature, Human Interest, Extreme Sports
Format: HD
Episodes: 1 x 60 mins
Languages: English
Production Year: 2016