Wookey Hole Caves in the UK has attracted explorers, adventurers and tourists since Roman times, travelling to visit the extensive network of underwater tunnels that link up dry chambers or caves.

Many of the chambers cannot be accessed by the public. One chamber has only been seen by a small group of unique divers. Now in an ambitious project a team of tunnel experts and experienced divers attempt to blast open a pathway to this chamber to allow public access. New underwater lasers are used to create a tunnel, together with more than 1 ton of explosives. With huge explosions and big risks, with no certainty the tunnel will actually reach the chamber, this film is gripping and visually stunning.

Filmed and produced by award-winning Gavin Newman.

Genre: Documentary
Format: HD
Episodes: 1 Episode
Duration: 48 minutes
Language: English
Production Year: 2016/2017