Sisyphus K

Sisyphus Kadmowski is a goat herder who lives by a river. A loner who falls into the trap of the gods. He defies powerful Zeus and awakens his rage. The revenge of the gods seems simple – they will send Death for him.
Sisyphus, however, doesn’t deny Death. He overpowers it, loves it and embraces it, which leads to unlikely events.
Is a world without death possible and what would it be like?
A director from Belgrade is obsessive about shooting a film about Sisyphus. He delves into the fate of his protagonist, while fighting to salvage his long-distance marriage with an actress from Zagreb by giving her the role of Sisyphus’ beloved Death.
Reality and fiction collide, intertwine, and parallel worlds touch. There are no more heroes.
The active Sisyphus of antiquity becomes the passive Sisyphus of today.

Cast: Bojan Dimitrijević, Rambo Amadeus, Marija Pikić, Hana Selimović, Goran Jevtić, Lucija Šerbedžija
Director: Filip Gajić

Genre: Feature Film, Drama, Comedy
Format: HD
Duration: 84 minutes
Languages: Serbian, English (Subs)
Production Year: 2015