Peggy Tjin’s 10-10 Cooking Show

Peggy Tjin’s 10-10 Cooking Show is a 5 minute show in which Peggy cooks a less than $10 meal in 10 minutes. She does this in an up-beat manner and gives her audience tips and tricks on how to prepare a healthy, organic meal. She provides nutritional facts, a calculation of the budget, and she tells you how certain ingredients can take away discomforts or make you stay healthy.

In every episode Peggy will create, healthy portioned controlled meals, with a culinary touch using all organic ingredients and Superfoods. She explains why a nice presentation is so important, and teaches you how to dress up your plate.

Genre: Lifestyle, Series, Short
Format: HD
Language: English
Episodes & Duration: 200 episodes x 5 mins
Availability: Now
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