Night of the Unspeakable

Night of the Unspeakable is a hip hop, horror, thriller set in the confines of a rehearsal/recording studio. A Rapper and his Entourage, an R&B Girl Group, a Rock and Soul Band and a Spoken Word Artist are trapped for one terrifying night with two evil and deadly demons. The demons are accidently released, but once they are free they begin to quench their carnal desires and blood lusts by seducing and then sadistically slaying their victims. The trapped young artists come to the frightening and brutal realization that they are in a life or death struggle and that they must destroy the demons before they lose their lives and their immortal souls.

Director: Jamie Rhodes
Cast: Dena Toler, Anthony Dalton, Erreol Robinson, King Orr

Genre: Horror
Format: Film
Duration: 76 Minutes
Languages: English
Production Year: 2017