Mad About English

The amazing story of 1,000,000,000 people and their MAD MAD MAD rush to learn English! China’s love affair with the English language reached feverish proportions as half a million or more visitors descend on Beijing for the Olympic Games. Can the Chinese pull it off with their newly-acquired English? Mad About English! follows the inspiring and heart-warming efforts of a city preparing to host the world by learning a once-forbidden tongue.

Labeled as a docu-comedy, Lian Pek, once one of the most recognizable broadcast journalist, stepping into the seat of a director, does a great job capturing the charm and quirkiness of the people. Learning English for them doesn’t just mean better communication, it also meant livelihood that they could bring themselves for their future..

Genre: Documentary, Social Issues
Format: HD
Episodes: 1
Duration: 60 mins
Languages: English, Chinese
Production Year: 2008