The Lifted Life

Lifted Life TV is a first to market 4×4 Truck/Jeep customization Reality TV series and the 4th season is now broadcast on Velocity every Saturday.
Steve Hill understands the passion that motivates four-wheel-drive truck lovers to spend upward of $100,000 on customizations. Tricking out dream rides has been Hill’s job for almost four decades, and now the Founder and President of ‘Five R Trucks’ in Golden, Colorado, opens his doors to present “The Lifted Life.” Hour-long episodes document the process — from request and rendering to reveal — by which Steve’s sons, his 85-year-old father and the shop’s crew spruce up suspensions, engines and transmissions, swap wheels, tires and brakes, and accessorize lighting, bumpers and interiors.
Now in it’s 4th season broadcast on Velocity.

Genre: Reality, Lifestyle, Series
Format: HD
Episodes: 27 episodes
Duration: 60 mins
Languages: English
Production Year: 2016/2017
Original Broadcaster: Velocity