International Chef Exchange

This gastronomic world tour is friendly and fun as a leading food critic from Britain takes the viewer on a tour of great kitchens across Europe. International Chef Exchange (ICEx) takes two chefs out of their own kitchens and makes them swap countries and restaurants for two amazing gastronomic challenges and food lover experiences that will leave the audience hungry for more.

Over the course of the two events, where the chefs swap kitchens, the chefs work together, sharing their ideas, expertise, and passions in their home kitchens. In each episode, the local chef also takes the guest chef to meet local food and drink producers and to discover what makes each region individually a great gastronomic experience.

International Chef Exchange is the opposite of Hell’s Kitchen.

Genre: Reality, Cooking
Format: HD
Episodes: 10
Duration: 30 mins
Languages: English
Production Year: 2016