Hit The Road – Cambodia

Hit The Road: Cambodia is part of the successful Hit The Road travel adventure series which began with India.

This time Rick and Keith, the US realtor and the Canadian Chef decide that their thirst for adventure can not be quenched. Now they have moved their sights to another exciting and challenging expedition in Cambodia. This rickshaw rally known as The Cambo Challenge is a long, hot and dusty route, starting in Siem Riep, famous for the ancient temples including Angkor Wat. Taking in the true cultural experience of the country from the gritty capital of Phnom Penh to the mesmerising Gulf of Thailand. It is 12 days and nearly 1600 km of demanding travel as well as smiles and laughs as they deal with an extraordinary journey.

Available as a series of 4 episodes x 22 mins or alternatively an 80 mins feature length version.

Genre: Reality, Lifestyle, Documentary, Series
Format: HD
Episodes: 4 / 1
Duration: 22 minutes / 80 minutes
Year: 2016/2017
Rights: All rights