Health, Wellness & Lifestyle

Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV is a magazine style TV show that gives the viewer up to date and interesting information about what’s going on in the health and wellness industry and what you can do to easily lead a healthy lifestyle!

In each episode host Tammy-Lynn touches on not often talked about topics that affect both men and women. From male hormones, to mental wellness to making your favourite dessert with a healthy twist, Tammy-Lynn makes the journey of wellness both exciting and entertaining. The show covers subjects including Health, Cooking, Exercise, Diets, Nutrition, Beauty, Fashion, DIY and Naturopathic Care.

Her mission is to take all of the mystery out of health and wellness so that it’s easy to incorporate into your life. Whether she’s on a farm or in a ball gown hosting Fashion Week, this funny and down to earth host isn’t afraid to try anything once and makes the struggles of wellness both honest and authentic. After all, who wants to diet at the end of the day?

Genre: Lifestyle, Health, Fashion, Food, Magazine
Format: HD
Episodes: 22
Duration: 30 mins
Languages: English
Production Year: 2017
Original Broadcaster: Joy TV Canada