Corvettes Coast2Coast

Corvettes Coast2Coast is a new 13 episode reality series bringing unique locations…celebrity guests…events across the country…and much more.


Corvettes Coast2Coast takes a look at one of the most recognized, popular and sought-after American high performance automobiles ever produced -Chevrolet Corvette. Visiting historical landmarks such as Mount Rushmore and hanging out at the iconic “Full Throttle Saloon” in Sturgis or perhaps the “Gangster Museum”, our viewers are treated to a unique blend of venues and events across the USA.

We go one-on-one with such Motorsports luminaries as Vic Edelbrock, Ron Fellows, Ken Lingenfelter, who offer their insight and experience into the world of automotive expertise and racing.

Genre: Reality, Lifestyle, Series
Format: HD
Episodes: 13
Duration: 22 minutes
Year: 2016 / 2017
Rights: All rights
Original Broadcaster: Velocity