Bored Gamers

What MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 did to bad movies, BORED GAMERS is doing to all things gaming; as the hosts have fun as they examine the popular worlds of video and adult board games. In Bored Gamers every show is an adventure of nonsense as the arrested adolescent hosts debate and review games, challenge guests and reveal never before seen facets of games.

In each episode a games industry or celebrity guest has to take on the Retro Video Game Challenge – as they vie to be crowned the first ever retro gaming champion. The show uses cutting-edge green screen technology to film the many unique gameplay sequences, incorporating the presenters in real-time in a way that has never been possible on television before – showing the viewers the very best view of every game played.

Genre: Magazine, Lifestyle,
Format: HD
Episodes: 17 episodes
Duration: 60 mins
Languages: English
Production Year:
Original Broadcaster: Latest TV, UK