Batoor: A refugee journey Synopsis

Barat Ali Batoor was Afghanistan’s most esteemed photographer, working for the United States Embassy in Kabul. But all of this changed in 2011 when the Washington Post published his potent photo essay exposing one of the country’s darkest secrets – the brutal trade in young ‘dancing boys’ for the purposes of entertainment and prostitution.

He went on the run. Remarkably, he photographed and filmed his entire journey, creating a stunning record of life spent on his escape – in a dangerous world of asylum seekers, people smuggling and cross border trafficking.

Through his account, BATOOR revisits the sites and people from his journey, presenting the harrowing steps many refugees take in their pursuit of better lives.

Genre: Documentary, Social Issues, Biography
Format: HD
Episodes: 1
Duration: 90 mins
Languages: English
Production Year: 2017