About Us

Redbarre Media was formed by two senior media executives, with a collective 50+ years of experience, contacts and deep business acumen in content development: acquisition, development & production, marketing and distribution. Redbarre Media’s goal is to provide a one-stop solution for a very real and vexing programming issue; something Management has been privy to for the past 20 years— the lack of access to compelling, entertaining content that moves the heart, touches the soul and inspires the mind.

The formation of Redbarre Media derives direct benefits from an already established, existing and up-to-date distribution network that spans the globe. We have deep relationships and contacts with a wide array of international broadcast entities including:

As well as OTT platforms such as Vice, Awesomeness TV, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Pluto, BigStar, Netflix and others.
We have an extensive catalog of programming for a wide variety of audiences.

To stay current with a rapidly evolving industry, the Redbarre Media team attends every major television and film market around the world, with multiple territory visits, including:

  • NATPE Miami – January
  • Discop Middle East – March
  • MIPTV Cannes – April
  • LA Screenings – May
  • NATPE Budapest – June
  • MIPCOM Cannes – October
  • Discop Africa Johannesburg – November
  • Asia Television Forum (ATF) Singapore – December

It isn’t enough to be aware of our clients’ needs in an ever-changing market; it is imperative we stay ahead of the fast-changing landscape, and inform our client’s how these changes will impact their business.  In turn, our in-house marketing and distribution experts ably prepare for identifying, codifying and monetizing the content for distribution across a variety of platforms including: theatrical cinema, television broadcast, cable, digital and OTT, as well as emerging technologies and platforms.